About The Artist

I work in multiple styles that include line art, realism, with fine art being in my background for as long as I can remember. I had taken an interest in art since the age of eight - where I picked up art classes and found myself with an innate ability - to create. Attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan as a Communication Design student, my drive to create has flourished into graphic design, advertising, and branding where I find myself to be within the next few years of my career. 

Drawing inspiration from artistic movements throughout history such as surrealism, impressionism, and modern art, my style revolves around experimentation with various mediums and techniques. I strive to tell a story with my original art pieces, with mental health awareness, and fantasy being a common theme. My process starts with an idea that I would like to convey, then brainstorming what elements I need to be able to tell a story in a life where words can only say so much.